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Criminal Defense and Civil Law Attorneys in Philadelphia

A serious legal problem requires a prompt and vigorous response. Without that type of effort, you probably will not be satisfied with the outcome.

Experience You Can Trust

At the Law Offices of Barton and Phillips, we respond swiftly when our clients call. We are experienced advocates who know what needs to be done and know how to use the legal system to protect our clients' rights. You can depend on our firm to be there in your time of need.

Defending Your Rights and Your Freedom

Our Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in all types of criminal defense matters, ranging from misdemeanor DUI to capital murder cases. As a prosecutor, Christopher Phillips handled thousands of cases, including over two hundred jury trials. He now uses this experience to defend the rights of people accused of felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Your future is important to us. In your case, we will work diligently at all stages of the legal process to preserve your freedom and work toward obtaining the best outcome possible.

Civil Litigation and Estate Planning Services

The Law Offices of Barton and Phillips helps injured people obtain the medical care and compensation they need to recover to the fullest extent possible. Attorney Timothy Barton has extensive experience in cases involving car accidents, slip and fall accidents and other acts of negligence. Our firm will work to maximize the compensation you receive.

We also provide a full range of estate planning services and can create a will, trust or other legal vehicle, which can serve to protect your assets and help you provide for your family.

Sound Advice and Determined Representation

Whether it involves a criminal defense matter, a personal injury case, or some other legal problem, our firm will work to resolve it quickly and in the most positive manner possible. We will work energetically to achieve your goals from the start of your case to its conclusion.

Clients appreciate our rapid response and the service we provide. You can trust the Law Offices of Barton and Phillips to handle your case with the diligence, attention and professionalism it deserves.

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For a free consultation with the Law Offices of Barton and Phillips in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, call 215-545-0010 toll free or contact a Pennsylvania attorney online.

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