Law Offices of Barton & Phillips

The Law Offices of Barton & Phillips offers a unique approach to legal representation, providing high-quality defense along with personable service for Philadelphia residents. All clients are treated with the utmost in respect; this makes it easier to establish the close client-lawyer relationship necessary for success both in and out of the courtroom. If you require high-quality legal representation from a lawyer who actually cares, it is in your best interest to get in touch with the Law Offices of Barton & Phillips.

Working With A Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

Christopher Peter Phillips boasts the legal knowledge and courtroom skills necessary to successfully represent a wide array of clients, but he prefers to focus on those who have been accused of committing crimes. As a criminal attorney, he is willing to work with those dealing with a variety of charges, including drug possession, white collar crime, aggravated assault, prescription drug fraud and vehicular homicide, among others. No matter the nature of the charges, Christopher Peter Phillips maintains a respectful candor, never casting judgment on his valued clients.

Each criminal case differs to some extent, but in general, individuals accused of committing crimes can expect to go over the details of the charges and their ideal courtroom results during an initial consultation and again in future meetings. After determining how, exactly, a particular client wants to proceed, Chistopher P. Phillips gathers as much evidence as possible. He then presents this evidence in court, thereby helping clients secure reduced sentences or, in some cases, dropped charges. His clients are always his top priority, as evidenced by his attentive service.

The Law Offices Of Barton & Phillips: A Trusted Legal Resource

If you have been accused of committing a crime, you owe it to yourself to seek assistance from the most trustworthy law firm possible. As a resident living in or around Philadelphia, you can do no better than the Law Offices of Barton & Phillips. There, you will receive the respectful, proactive representation you need to make it out of your current legal nightmare. Christopher Phillips has spent several years building up a very impressive reputation in the realm of criminal law, successfully defending clients charged with an array of crimes. He takes pride in his ability to protect the rights of his clients. For the ultimate in criminal defense, look to Christopher P. Phillips and the Law Offices of Barton & Phillips.